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Category of customers

  • Sanitary ware distributers
  • Distributors of plumbing and heating items
  • Auto parts’ distributors
  • National companies(tenders)
  • LPG operators
  • Cylinder Gas manufacturers
  • Water Supplier Company
  • Extinguisher bottles’ distributors
  • Cylinder extinguishers’ manufacturers
  • Manufacturers( Brass specific Items)


Export activities

Export activities’ Areas

  • Arab Maghreb Union
  • West of Africa
  • France


Prospected Areas for Export activities

  • Belgium
  • Marocco


Exported Items

  • Sanitary tap ware
  • Items for water and Gas connecting
  • LPG Gas Valves
  • Complete Connecting Solution for Water Distributors
  • Specific brass Items


Prospected Items

  • Items for Safety against fire
  • Specific brass Items
  • Electric terminals